Advances in technology have improved home inspections. Aerial drones have become useful tools in inspections. They provide benefits for the inspector and the homeowner. Let’s look at some of the uses of drones in home inspections.

Assess Safety With Drones in Home Inspections

Drones are useful because they allow for a thorough and focused assessment of the safety of the roof. In the case of an older roof, the inspector may be unsure if he or she can safely walk the roof, and inspectors aren’t required to. Getting a preliminary view with a drone helps them to make a decision about the risk. The ability to capture the condition of the entire building from above makes it easier to anticipate safety concerns during the home inspection. If the roof is unsafe, detailed photos can still be taken of all parts of the roof with the drone.

Solves Accessibility Issues

Some buildings have inaccessible roofs because of the shape of the roof or the fact that they are too steep, damaged, or slippery in inclement weather. Some styles of roofing, like clay tiles, can be damaged by foot traffic. Drones make inspections on these types of roofs safer, easier, and more effective. Aerial drones are also useful for inspecting chimneys and architectural features, like dormer windows, that may be difficult to examine even if the roof can be walked.

While tools like camera poles can help address accessibility issues, it is difficult to capture all the details required for a thorough inspection. Drones are simple to maneuver and enable an inspector to easily obtain images of areas beyond their reach.

Drones in Home Inspections Provide Comprehensive Data

Drones collect high-resolution footage of the entire roof. The images can be used to take a closer look at areas that may have issues. Hard-to-access areas can still be inspected and the inspector will be able to get a close-up look at roofing materials, upper-level windows, gutters, flashings, and the roof valleys.

Aerial Images of the Property

Drones add value to home inspections by producing aerial images and videos of the entire property. If you’re purchasing a home and haven’t had the opportunity to walk the land, ask your inspector if they would be willing to use their drone to obtain an aerial view. As the buyer, you’ll be able to clearly see the layout of the land.

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