Spring can be a difficult time for allergy-sufferers because more pollen is in the air. Poor air quality can affect the indoors just as much, if not more, than the outdoors. Particles become trapped inside airtight homes and accumulate. There are simple measures you can take that will remove toxins, allergens, and other contaminants from the indoor air in your house. Here are 5 ways to improve indoor air quality.

Dust Often to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Cleaning your house helps your family members stay healthy in more ways than one. Breathing dust that floats in the air can cause respiratory problems. Dust the surfaces in your home regularly. A feather duster only moves the dust around but a damp microfiber cloth captures and removes dust.

Open the Windows

One of the easiest things you can do to improve indoor air quality is to open the windows when the weather is nice. You do need to be careful about days with a high pollen count, but otherwise opening the windows removes stale air and lets in a fresh breeze.

Use Ventilation Fans

The ventilation fans in your bathrooms and kitchen clear moisture and toxins out of the air with the flip of a switch. Turn them on whenever showering or cooking. It’s a good idea to have the fan built into the bathroom light so that it automatically turns on when the light is on. Make sure that your vent fans exhaust to the outdoors and not into the attic.

Invest in an Air Purifier to Improve Indoor Air Quality

This is the most expensive tip on our list but also the most effective. Using air purifiers around the house directly targets poor air quality. HEPA air purifiers remove 99.97% of all particles that are .3 microns or larger from the air. Air purifiers are designed to purify the air in an area with specific square footage, so measure your rooms before buying the devices.

Change HVAC Filters on Time

HVAC filters remove pollutants from conditioned air before sending it through the ducts and into your home. Different manufacturers specify how often to change the filters, usually anywhere every month to once every 6 months. Clogged filters cause dirty air to recirculate in the home and force your HVAC system to work harder.

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