If you’re planning to sell your home, you probably know that most homebuyers choose to have an inspection done before they close on the property. Some mortgage companies even require that an inspection is completed before the loan is finalized. As the seller, there are great reasons to order a pre-listing inspection before putting your home on the market.

Make Repairs Before Listing

When you know that the buyer will likely order a home inspection, a pre-listing inspection helps you prepare for the sale. The inspector will check your home and detail any problems and safety concerns in your inspection report.

This gives you the time to make repairs before the property goes on the market. Because you have the opportunity to shop for a contractor, you can often fix issues at a lower cost than when you’re in a rush to complete the work before closing. You may even be able to handle some minor repairs and updates yourself.

Avoid Surprises When You Order a Pre-Listing Inspection

An inspection that reveals multiple issues or major problems can be a deal-breaker for a potential buyer. A home inspector is trained to identify and document any problems with a property. He or she will find any issues and report back to you. This way, when the buyer orders their own inspection, you won’t be facing any surprises with the findings in the report.

Instill Buyer Confidence

Having a home inspection completed and making the recommended repairs will help you avoid delays in the sales process. You can share the inspector’s findings with your buyer and, if repairs were made, offer copies of that work and sales receipts. The buyer will see the property as well cared for and you’ll establish a good relationship with them. Sharing your inspection report will help your buyer be more comfortable moving forward with the sale.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection to Set an Asking Price

If problems are discovered during your inspection, you may not have the time or money to fix them. Your realtor can help you set the asking price accordingly to allow for future repairs. This way, your buyer can plan to make the repairs with the money they save on the home purchase. Being upfront about the problem areas and adjusting the price will work to your advantage.

A home inspection is of great importance to a homebuyer. It should also be important to the seller. When you know about problems and either fix or disclose them upfront, you can avoid buyer hesitation and move smoothly through the sale.

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