The roof is one of the most important parts of any house because it protects the structure and everything inside from the elements. Depending on the type of roof materials, the average roof lasts for around 20-30 years. By paying attention to the signs that you need a new roof, you can prevent structural problems and damage from roof leaks. Replace the roof before it reaches the end of its useful lifespan when you notice these signs.

Missing Shingles Can Mean You Need a New Roof

Bald patches with no shingles are one of the most obvious signs that you may need a new roof. You may even find shingles that have fallen off laying in the yard, especially after a storm with heavy winds. One or two missing shingles are pretty easy to replace, but if there are several missing shingles or bald patches all over the roof, this is a good sign that it is time to replace the roof.

Inspect While Cleaning the Gutters

While you are cleaning the gutters, you may be up on a ladder or on top of the roof. This is a good time to look for signs that your roof is at the end of its lifespan. When up close to the roof, it’s easier to spot missing or damaged shingles.

Shingles should lay flat against the roof and not be curled around the edges or cracked. Check the flashing around chimneys and skylights to make sure it is intact. When scooping out gutter debris, check for shingle granules in the gutters or at the bottom of downspouts. The granules help protect the shingles, so if they are shedding, this is a concerning sign.

An Uneven Roofline Means You Need a New Roof

An uneven roofline is a serious sign that shows that the roof is sagging. It denotes serious structural issues like damaged framing and sub-roof.

Organic Growth on the Roof

Organic growth like moss, algae, and even weeds signifies that moisture is trapped on the roof allowing these plants to grow. Sometimes mold and algae can simply be removed by regular cleaning, but there is likely an underlying moisture problem that should be addressed.

Signs of Water Damage in the Attic or On the Ceiling

Roof damage is not always visible from the outside, and the first sign of a roof leak may appear in the attic or on the ceiling. Moldy odors, water stains, and visible gaps in the attic where light shines in are all warning signs of roof leaks.

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